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What is accent dash?

 Think of it as a daily english workout

Accent dash is a group of 14 short (~2 minute) videos that practice the most difficult combinations of sounds in american english

do one a day, three a day, or all of them at once

Who is accent dash for?

People who want to have consistent, daily progress with their american english accent (without wasting time)

you have a foundation for how to produce sounds; you are looking for more practice exercises

Why not just use youtube?

if you prefer finding specific videos on youtube, please do!


however, this specific content can not be found on any youtube channel, and you'll save time! no need to go searching for videos on a variety sounds, as everything is already provided for you here.


this group of videos will give you the most challenging sounds for most language learners, without focusing on explanations or extra information you don't need.

What if i don't like it?

please note that all sales are final for accent dash! 

if you have any hesitation about the course, i recommend not purchasing it.

is accent dash available now?

accent dash will be available soon! if you pre-order accent dash, you'll receive a coupon to save $10 when it releases (normal price $25)

2 free previews

short i vs i

stress patterns

save $10

fill out the info below to receive your $10 coupon (normal price $25)

Thanks! We're Sending Your Coupon

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