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"Despite residing in the U.S. for over 15 years, I've struggled for quite some time to find a way to enhance my pronunciation.

The Premier program stands out due to its unique focus on real-life projects and challenges. I faced a pressing need to deliver a crucial work presentation in just a month, and my English pronunciation heightened my anxiety.


Collaborating with Geoff was a smooth experience; he not only provided valuable guidance for improving my pronunciation but also made substantial contributions to refining my script, enhancing my presentation skills, and more. I highly recommend the conservatory program." - Hank C

daily individual sessions

for real change

What we do

 1-on-1 daily classes for one month 
(18 lessons guaranteed/month)

each class lasts 20 minutes

Topics include vowels, consonants, linking, stress, reductions, placement, breath, and pitch

recorded audio files sent after every class for you to model and practice

you will

have noticeable growth in your pronunciation guaranteed

learn strategies to adjust your speech any time it feels less natural

be able to measure your progress in your pronunciation over time

have 18 lessons per month guaranteed

why daily sessions

making the time for studying pronunciation for working professionals is difficult. We have families, friends, work, and demands.

most students schedule a class a week, then fail to make the time to study and reach the progress they desire.

investing in the premier program is an investment in yourself, giving you consistent, dedicated, regular practice so you can achieve pronunciation results you , and others, notice

we accept

Passionate students of american accents

students willing to commit to dedicated study


pro-rated refunds are available within the first week of purchase by contacting here


Our premier program is $400/month and limited to 3 students 

Schedule a free

15-minute talk

to develop

your plan

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Limited to 3


per month


Schedule a free

15-minute talk

to develop

your plan

Learn more
about the

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00:18 Problem With Normal Classes

00:37 Session Times

01:13 The Goal of the Conservatory

03:13 Monthly Group Call

03:48 Mission: English Testimonial

04:19 What You Should Expect

05:15 What Members Need

05:53 Who Should Apply

07:03 Refund Policy

07:44 How To Register

08:57 What Classroom We Use



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