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welcome to the conservatory

"Despite residing in the U.S. for over 15 years, I've struggled for quite some time to find a way to enhance my pronunciation.

The Conservatory program stands out due to its unique focus on real-life projects and challenges. I faced a pressing need to deliver a crucial work presentation in just a month, and my English pronunciation heightened my anxiety.


Collaborating with Geoff was a smooth experience; he not only provided valuable guidance for improving my pronunciation but also made substantial contributions to refining my script, enhancing my presentation skills, and more. I highly recommend the conservatory program." - Hank C

3-weeks to produce

a new accent approach

What we do

 1-on-1 daily classes (15 total)

for 3 weeks at a time

you choose

each class lasts 30 minutes

study vowels, consonants, linking, stress, reductions, placement, breath, and pitch

create audio/video content that is ready

for the world

A monthly group call with other members of the conservatory to discuss projects, questions, and pronunciation

you will

have noticeable growth in your pronunciation guaranteed

Have video/audio content you can feel confident using online, on social media posts, for youtube videos, and podcasts (or personal use)

why  audio/video content

traditional language classes focus solely on the language; when classes finish, progress is difficult to show to the world

conservatory students finish with a real product that demonstrates new proficiency

(a podcast, a video) and deepen their knowledge on a topic of interest

we accept

Passionate students of american accents

students willing to commit to 3-weeks of dedicated study

students who are willing to create audio or video content (sharing the content with others is not necessary)

students who have a specific topic of interest they would like to discuss


pro-rated refunds are available within the first week of purchase by contacting here


Our pilot cohort starting july 3rd 2023 costs $400

Schedule a free

15-minute talk

to develop

your plan

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Limited to 3


per month


Schedule a free

15-minute talk

to develop

your plan

Learn more
about the

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00:18 Problem With Normal Classes

00:37 Session Times

01:13 The Goal of the Conservatory

03:13 Monthly Group Call

03:48 Mission: English Testimonial

04:19 What You Should Expect

05:15 What Members Need

05:53 Who Should Apply

07:03 Refund Policy

07:44 How To Register

08:57 What Classroom We Use



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