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What people have to say about mission: English


"I probably said this like a million times, but I can thank you enough for your feedback!"


"Joining Mission English was hands down the best decision I've made when it comes to pronunciation!"

"I especially liked the fact that I could re-watch the streams and of course, if we add your amazing teaching skills and very friendly personality, we can easily consider this THE perfect way of improving one’s accent."

"this whole community you created is amazing"

  • 2024 Telegram Group

    Every month
    For daily pronunciation corrections
    • Access to our pronunciation group on the Telegram app
    • Every day, hear words/sentences from a native speaker
    • Every day, respond with audio and receive accent feedback
  • 2024 Limited Time Offer Mission: English

    Every month
    30-minute pronunciation classes livestreamed Monday-Friday
    • View/participate in 30-minute livestreams
    • Watch previous lessons
    • Join up to 3 lessons per day, Monday through Friday
    • Sunday webinars last 3 Sundays of the month
    • 1-on-1 sessions held 3 days a week
    • 40+ lessons guaranteed/month
  • Best Value

    2024 Mission English + Telegram: Limited

    Every month
    Get our small group coaching and daily Telegram corrections
    • All the benefits of our Telegram group
    • All the benefits of our Mission: English program
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