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Shadowing is how to speak more naturally and confidently

Language shadowing is when you listen to something like a podcast, movie, tv show, the radio, or other source, and repeat what you hear. The goal is to try to copy not only the pronunciation, but also the intonation, stress, pitch, and general rhythm of the sentence.

This obviously is not something that is easy to do; rather, it is an exercise that you can get better at more and more over time. Also, the effects of shadowing may not be immediately clear; over time though, you will notice that you develop a greater understanding of common sentence patterns and the sound of the language. To benefit the most from shadowing, it is helpful to record yourself and the original audio. Then, you can hear yourself and compare your speaking to the original. Identify the differences and try again to better capture the sounds. Recording is also helpful because people do not really know what they sound like until they hear the audio again. When you think you are pronouncing a sound or word correctly, the truth is there may be little differences that become clearer when you listen.

To get some practice with shadowing, be sure to check out our playlist of shadowing videos here:

These are helpful because they include pauses where you can repeat what you hear. This is easier than listening to the ra

dio or watching a movie and constantly pressing play, then pause, then play, then pause.

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