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Fluent American Telegram Group

PReview what the group is like
(note: info in the video is subject to change)

Get pronunciation corrections every single day 

Every day in the telegram group, i post a new group of words, sounds, or phrases

I also send audio for you to use as a model

Respond to the challenge with your own audio for feedback from my assistant teacher (lenora) and me

You will receive feedback 99% of the time within 24 hours

You can also send audio for any previous challenge

  • 2024 Telegram Group

    Every month
    For daily pronunciation corrections
    • Access to our pronunciation group on the Telegram app
    • Every day, hear words/sentences from a native speaker
    • Every day, respond with audio and receive accent feedback
  • 2024 Limited Time Offer Mission: English

    Every month
    30-minute pronunciation classes livestreamed Monday-Friday
    • View/participate in 30-minute livestreams
    • Watch previous lessons
    • Join up to 3 lessons per day, Monday through Friday
    • Sunday webinars last 3 Sundays of the month
    • 1-on-1 sessions held 3 days a week
    • 40+ lessons guaranteed/month
  • Best Value

    2024 Mission English + Telegram: Limited

    Every month
    Get our small group coaching and daily Telegram corrections
    • All the benefits of our Telegram group
    • All the benefits of our Mission: English program



Telegram group members are also able to Sunday webinars!

held The last three sundays of the month at 8am, sund
ay webinars are 30 minute private group lessons

the first 4 students to enter the classroom are permitted to do exercises with me on screen

all other students are welcome to watch and interact via the chat

lessons are saved for members to access afterwards


how many files can I send?

You can send as many as you like! feel free to reply to previous challenges, try a challenge again, or even send audio of a word, phrase, or sentence you are working on!

how do I cancel?

Go here or click subscriptions at the top of the page, find your name, click "my subscriptions", click the "more actions" arrow, and choose "cancel subscription"

(or contact us)

how often am i charged?

payment is processed monthly on the same day you joined; if you joined on april 3rd, your next payment will be may 3rd, then june 3rd, etc.

Refund policy

refunds can be processed when requested within 3 days of payment; contact us below!

Frequently asked


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