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your american accent in 4 steps


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master courses designed to expand  american accents  


Join people who are motivated for change just like you


Receive individual lessons based on your specific needs

Memberships designed for every level of accent expansion

reach your accent potential through content, community, and coaching with membership to fluent american

  • 2024 Telegram Group

    Every month
    For daily pronunciation corrections
    • Access to our pronunciation group on the Telegram app
    • Every day, hear words/sentences from a native speaker
    • Every day, respond with audio and receive accent feedback
  • Mission: English

    Every month
    30-minute pronunciation classes livestreamed Monday-Friday
    • Access to the private Mission: English Facebook group
    • View/participate in 30-minute livestreams
    • Post in a community of eager pronunciation learners
    • Watch any previous lesson (100+)
    • Classes held 2 times a day, Monday through Friday
    • 30-minute writing sessions on Saturday and Sunday
  • Get Both 2024

    Every month
    Telegram Group + Mission: English
    • Daily pronunciation corrections in the Telegram group
    • Twice-daily group classes in Mission: English

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over 1,000 students have chosen 10,000 of our lessons to expand their american english

"I didn't expect I need to unlearn [conventional mouth position]"

"It's different when you practice it and you have Geoff...I feel like I learned a lot"

"When you practice the pronunciation class with Geoff, you can identify what you are doing wrong"

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