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without us, you

* have a noticeable accent

* have difficulty saying some sounds

*have difficulty hearing some sounds

*are tired of the question "Where are you from?"



* get feedback from Geoff, who has taught since 2010,

is a former IELTS examiner, and a former language center director

* know your weakest sounds

(take a pronunciation test here)

* use correct intonation, pronunciation, and stress

* notice and pronounce the difference between words like

man/men, hill/heel, cup/cop, etc.

*can sound like a native speaker

with us, you

*don't know how to change

*have a plan to improve

for a plan
for your accent

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"I can't really say how much I value my lessons with Geoff. I've had probably over 20 tutors since I've started learning English but many of Geoff's inputs regarding my pronunciation and accent were new to me." 
Jan, CZech Republic
"If you wanna improve your pronunciation, he definitely should be your teacher." 
Yekta, Turkey
"I learned a lot in just one hour. It's a good feeling that I finally know where I was pronouncing wrong all the time and how to correct."


BĒnfàng, China