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english learners have great mouth/tongue position, but still have noticeable accents



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the 4 keys
to sound

the difference
between natives
and learners

to apply to any
sound, word,
and sentence

clear english causes accents.


Congrats! if you're reading this, you probably speak clear, understandable english.

however, Maybe you want to talk without people guessing your nationality.

or maybe you are tired of knowing you have an accent, but not knowing why.

Maybe you're just a perfectionist.

The truth is actually scary. all of the tools you have learned to reach your current level are actually hurting your accent.

focusing on your tongue and mouth is distracting you from the tools that have a much larger impact on pronunciation.

So, there's 4-step american accent. we introduce the 4 concepts that native speakers use in american english to sound natural...and that language learners miss.


4-Step American accent


  • 4-Step Amer Accent

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what students will discover


module 1: placement

learn where to project the majority
of your sounds in american englis
and how to detect it correctly


module 2: breath

learn how to get the correct amount of air
through your lungs, chest, and body,
as well as what it feels like to have too
much air or too little


module 3: pitch

learn the difference between high pitch
and low pitch, where to use which pitch, and techniques to expand the variety of 
pitches in your speech


module 4: vowels

learn how consonant sounds hurt american english, how to weaken consonants, 
and how to strengthen vowel sounds when
speaking to enable fluid speech


what students say about my approach
on breath, placement,
pitch, and vowels


After I tried applying what Geoff
taught us, I realized how effective it is.
I tried applying what other
channels teach you to my English,
but there was no real success.


Not only do you focus on sounds
and connected speech but also
on placement and air flow
which is crucial to sound natural

Straightforward towards
the elimination
of a foreign accent,
full of examples,

What our first 4-step students
thought about the course


*perfectionist english learners
*willing to apply strategies and work independently
*able to record themselves (and often do)
*passionate about language-learning
* are open to new approaches
*care less about mouth position
*care more about sounding natural

who is 4-step for?



*more worried about mouth position
*not willing to record themselves
*not able to study on their own
*want to use the same approaches they always have

who is 4-step not for?




how long does it take to see all the modules?
including all of the video content, the entire
course can be watched in entirety in about 2 hours

what is the format of the course?
the course consists of a live, recorded workshop that was
held with english learners from different countries.
additionally, there are supplementary practice videos with
exercises for each concept

Where do I get 4-Step American Accent for free?
you can find the video course towards 
the top of the page, or right here:

  • 4-Step Amer Accent

    Click this to order 4-Step American Accent
    Free Plan
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