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Pronunciation test

Get a free pronunciation test

on vowel sounds

There's only one step:

1) email* an mp3 of yourself reading the vowel sounds below to

*this will automatically enroll you in

Bonus English, which gives weekly tips, discounts, event updates, and more

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Or, take a full pronunciation test

Want even more feedback? Feeling more comfortable with your speaking starts with knowing what to improve.


Fluent American allows you to take the standard America English pronunciation test for only $13! Read through the test file, record yourself saying the words,  and email your file!


Get a response with feedback by email in 2-3 business days! See the steps below:

1.   Read the pronunciation test below 

2.  Record yourself saying all of the words (mp3 or Vocaroo | Online voice recorder )

3. Schedule a test for anytime so we know to expect your file*



The schedule is to let us know you sent your file.

 All feedback will be sent electronically.

If you prefer to have the pronunciation test

in an online lesson, please schedule a class HERE)


4. Email your audio file to


You will receive quick feedback within 3 business days.

Pronunciation Test:

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Screenshot (1230).png
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