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The Best Pronunciation Tool--I Used It 5,000+ Times!

See the video version here:

This is the pronunciation tool I use the most every single day with my students and I want to show you more about it.

It's called the Movavi screen capture studio, and what it does is it allows you to capture your screen and audio from your computer. This is not sponsored; however, I do have an affiliate link so that way if you're interested in the software (and if you're a pronunciation student I think you will be) it's going to make things like shadowing or just knowing how you sound a whole lot easier in English. Visit for a 15% discount, using the code PTNAFF150223AFS15

Now there's a couple reasons why you would want software like this. The first reason is that you just want to record yourself in a way that's pretty fast and convenient, but maybe number two, you want something where you can record a different audio source and your own voice and then have them together on one file very conveniently.

Let's say for instance you're shadowing a YouTube video, so you turn on your recorder you're going, going, going, but then you want to talk so you can practice shadowing--what you can do is pause the YouTube video, but keep the recorder going. Then, you can talk!

So you're able to mix files together, right? You get the YouTube video; you get your own audio; it's all together in one spot. In addition to that, you can also use this to save video. So for instance, if I ever need to use a short clip and show my students in class or something, I can record my screen here, and then I can save it as an mp4 file, and then I can play that again later.

One of the other advantages too is that if you get the bundle, you can also get this paired with the studio, so that way you can actually do some video editing as well. In fact, when I'm editing my videos, this is what I'm using.

I would say that if this is something that interests you I would go for the lifetime program instead of the subscription, so just kind of watch out for which one you pick. I use this every day, every single time I have a pronunciation class. I turn on my recorder, I record our audio, so it gets me, it gets our student, and then as soon as the class is over, I can save it really quick as an MP3 file and send it to them. If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, they do have a free trial as well, so you can try it out and see if it works for you.

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